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5 Best Cycling Apps


Show me an athlete who doesn’t track their performance and I’ll show you an athlete who is missing a great opportunity to get stronger and connect with their peers. And, with new technology being created every day, it has never been easier to track your speed, power, and cadence. There is a tremendous variety of […] ...

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Find the Helmet for Your Greatest Protection


Hearts pounding, nerves racing, and then suddenly someone says “Go!” Everyone starts pedaling faster and faster up and down and across the terrain when unexpectedly a cyclists tire gives out, crashing into four other people on their way down. Paramedics immediately rush over to the cyclists who were in the accident checking to see if everything […] ...

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How to Safely Crash Your Bike


No one wants to crash, it’s embarrassing and painful. But, crashing in inevitable if you spend an appreciable amount of time in the saddle. Fortunately, there are many ways to safely crash your road bike and minimize the injuries that may result. Step 1: Relax Relax, you’re going to crash. Take a deep breath and […] ...

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3 Tips to Increase Cadence Comfort

Cycling App

We cycle to challenge ourselves, to become better athletes and individuals. We wake up early, go to bed late, subject our bodies to excruciating workouts and sacrifice some of the luxuries that life can afford. We also have jobs, families, and responsibilities that we love that need to be tended. We have functions to attend, […] ...

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Cycling in the Heat: How to Keep Your Cool

cycling in the heat

Exercise, especially vigorous exercise like cycling, can be dangerous in the intense heat of the summer, but you don’t have to let the high temperatures stop you from hitting the road. With a few added precautions, you can still enjoy cycling in the heat and enjoy the adventures of the open road year round. Take It […] ...

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Real Men Shave Their Legs

men shaving leg hair

Take a look at any pro, male cyclist, there is a 99.99% chance that their legs are hair free. Yes, strong athletic men with smooth, clean shaven legs. But their hair removal is not out of vanity; it’s out of competiveness and a need for speed. It may seem silly, but shaving your legs before […] ...

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How to Make Cycling Fun for the Whole Family

family cycling

If you love to cycle, but your family doesn’t, don’t panic! There are many ways that you can make cycling fun for everyone and all it takes is a little patience and creativity. While it may not be instant, we’ve laid out a few simple guidelines that can help to get your kids and your […] ...

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Say Goodbye to Cycling Injuries

Cyclist Stretching

Cycling is an excellent way to stay in shape. It allows the body to get the heart rate up and provides light to heavy resistance that builds strength and endurance. While it is a low impact exercise that typically causes little stress to the body, there is still some risk for injury associated with it. […] ...

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Gravel Bikes vs. Cyclocross – Choosing the Right Bike for You

According to US Federal Highway Administration, in 2012 there were more than 1.3 million miles of unpaved road in the country. That’s a whopping 35% of all the roadways. To conquer these gravel roads, a sophisticated bicycle is required with drop bars for an aggressive riding position, enough tire volume to take the edge of […] ...

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Cycling Recovery: Muscles Built in Bed

post cycling recovery

You want to ride as far and as fast as you can to push your body’s limits in order to get faster and stronger on the bike. Despite all your intense efforts, if you still feel that you aren’t making much of a progress, you’re most likely overtraining. In other words, your muscles aren’t getting […] ...

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